Whether you are looking for your piece of paradise, or need expert marketing of your property here in the Treasure Coast of South Florida, PenderWhite has the real estate experience and unique background to get the job done expertly, professionally and efficiently. This South Florida market calls for a team with a broad-based skill set and the know how to get it done right the first time.

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Hello,  my name is Dee Agostinoni 

The real estate profession to me is about helping people through major milestones in their lives from a first time home buyer to an aging couple who are ready to downsize, retire and live out their lives in a comfortable, manageable home. 

The buying or selling of a home can be extremely stressful as it is a major life change, so I will simply say that my greatest skill is helping clients through the various steps of either selling or buying a home by educating them, communicating and helping them all the way to the closing, alleviating as much of the stress in the process as possible.

My background is in Marketing and Public Relations and I have had a real estate license in five states. 

Real estate is always changing as are people’s wants and needs depending on the season of life they are in or  situations in their lives they may be going though. Keeping on top of the changes in a particular market, new technology, the economy and financing is paramount.  

I love the real estate business for all of these reasons.

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  • Debbie works with Buyers , Sellers, Renters and Investors to achieve their goals of either buying or selling their homes or properties. Debbie enjoys helping people who relocate down to sunny Florida. Renting till you find the perfect home or finding it prior to your move and assuring that the move goes as smoothly as possible.

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Kerry Anne Lukas has spent her life dedicated to serving, helping, and educating people to realize their potential and inspiring them to achieve their personal goals.  

Kerry has been a resident of the Treasure Coast since 1972. The beauty of this area, whether on the waters or inland, have the tranquil and rejuvenating qualities just waiting to be “treasured” by the next person. Kerry will happily share your home buying experience with you by land and by sea. She will expose all the unique qualities to be appreciated when you are working towards your next goal of truly living on the Treasure Coast.

In addition to Kerry’s real estate career, she holds professional status as an educator, health & fitness trainer, and sports nutritionist. Kerry continues to serve the community and its people in building better lives for themselves. Nothing makes Kerry happier than seeing the look of success on a person’s face when they have achieved a goal. Those smiles are priceless.

When not working on someone else’s smile, Kerry is working on her own; representing the 1996 Olympics as an Olympic torch bearer, speeding around the Daytona 500 in a NASCAR racecar at 160mph, winning a State Championship and watching her team break local and state records, and most importantly, spending precious time with Paul, Gunner, and Marley on River Therapy.

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Temple comes from a generational real estate lineage from upstate NY where she started showing property the day she got her drivers license! She has been a working partner in PenderWhite Properties, Inc. since the company formed in 2013. Moving to Florida in 2005 and obtaining her license, she spent 8 years growing with local firms while the housing market was experiencing volatile times and a unique history. Fortunately, with her real estate background and 20+ years of advertising and design business, marketing properties in the Treasure Coast and south Florida came as second nature. Specializing in all facets of the Real Estate business, whether navigating with first-time homebuyers, to providing expertise in the luxury market, to scoping out commercial properties…she has experienced it all. In this sometimes high-stress transaction industry, you can feel at ease with her calm nature to guide you though the entire process. 

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Sindi’s has 25+ years in the mortgage industry, owning her own business with over 25 employees covering everything from loans to refinancing issues, it’s no wonder she is an expert in the short sale and foreclosure markets.