Kerry Lukas


Kerry Anne Lukas has spent her life dedicated to serving, helping, and educating people to realize their potential and inspiring them to achieve their personal goals.  

Kerry has been a resident of the Treasure Coast since 1972. The beauty of this area, whether on the waters or inland, have the tranquil and rejuvenating qualities just waiting to be “treasured” by the next person. Kerry will happily share your home buying experience with you by land and by sea. She will expose all the unique qualities to be appreciated when you are working towards your next goal of truly living on the Treasure Coast.  Nothing makes Kerry happier than seeing the look of success and joy  when they have achieved the dream of buying or selling. Those smiles are priceless.

When not working on someone else’s smile, Kerry is working on her own; representing the 1996 Olympics as an Olympic torch bearer, speeding around the Daytona 500 in a NASCAR racecar at 160mph, winning a State Championship and watching her team break local and state records, and most importantly, spending precious time with Paul, Gunner, and Tuohy on River Therapy.

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