Work with your South Florida listing agent

Your listing agent will deliver the lowdown on what homes are going for in your area and how best to present and list your home. They will work with you on a listing term and plan.

Get your home ready for sale

Cleaning, de-cluttering, and improving the curb appeal of your home all lay the foundation for getting noticed here in the Treasure Coast in South Florida. Next, look into getting a professional to stage your home, or ask your South Florida listing agent for help getting your space looking sale-ready. Here’s Zillow’s top ten tips on showing. Take care of repairs prior to selling your place that might make your home less attractive to buyers.

Name your price

Figure out how much your home is really worth. A major mistake on sellers’ part is to overprice their home, so work with your agent to get a realistic selling price. Compare your price with what other homes in the Treasure Coast have gone for in the recent past.

Market your home

Work with your agent to pick big ticket sales points to advertise, then look into what Treasure Coast venues you want to advertise on. Today, most sales need an online presence. This approach will be multi-faceted with your home on many search engines for maximum exposure.

Show to South Florida buyers

Strategize on using a lock-box versus scheduling appointments. Decide how you want to conduct an open house and how much this will help sell your property, compared to individual attention. Don’t be shy about asking buyers for feedback to adjust your listing to fit buyers’ expectations, within reason.

Prepare for the home inspector

Read our article on getting ready for a home inspection


Compare listings